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Diane's Process - I Guide Authors to Write the Best Book They can.

Within Diane’s Process, working one-on-one with Diane will help cut down on years of trying to get it right.

You can have a brilliant book idea, but without a clear writing plan, you’ll go nowhere. This is where many authors give up.

Working One-on-One To Truly Build Your Skills to Be an Author for Life:

  • Diane begins by working one-on-one with you over a one or two-day period.
  • You both cut to the core of your manuscript’s issues quickly.
  • By the end of your time together you know exactly what to do.

Tailored for your Genre: Fiction, NonFiction or Memoirs

For Those Who Are Looking for the Highest Level Support:

  • Coaching calls and review and response opportunities to keep you moving in the right direction.
  • Comprehensive edit of your completed manuscript.
  • Assistance with moving forward on your publishing goals — whether traditional or self-publishing.

Not Sure You’re Ready for a Full Intensive?

Try a one-hour ZOOM POWER HOUR:

  • Diane reads a portion of your manuscript.
  • She helps you focus on what’s working and what you specifically need to make your work more marketable.
  • If you’d like to move forward, Diane applies your session’s fee to the intensive — a no-risk way to test the waters.

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Final Words from Diane...

Are you a serious, committed writer, willing to put in the time, effort and resources necessary to become a successful, published author? Then I want to work with you!

While I have a great team of expert editors here at Write to Sell Your Book, I understand that some people prefer to work directly with me. Because I work intensely with each author, I strictly limit how many clients I take on. That means my time comes at a premium, and I choose only those clients I feel will be the right fit.

Working one-on-one truly allows me to nurture a first-time author. For fiction and memoir authors I work directly with you to outline your novel’s plot, develop themes and motifs, and strengthen your storytelling skills. For non-fiction authors, I help you hone your book’s message to position yourself as an expert to help you build your business.

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The Novel-Makers Handbook

The no-nonsense guide to crafting a marketable story.