Elite Virtual Intensive


The Elite Virtual Intensive for Memoirs

This intensive is designed to help you write a memoir that will connect with readers and succeed in the marketplace.

During this focused one-day Zoom session, we work together to focus your story and tell it in a way that will take the reader along as a companion through your journey. Ultimately, the reader comes to share your story as a universal experience.

Here's What You'll Receive:

I arrive to our intensive having thoroughly read your manuscript or notes and devised a plan for its success.

Together, we will create a comprehensive roadmap for writing or revising your memoir.

You leave the intensive with everything you need to complete your story in a way that will appeal to agents, publishers, and most of all, your readers.

My in-depth reading of your manuscript to determine where it currently stands and what revisions need to be made. Specifically, I will:

  1. Structure your memoir so that it is clearly focused and invites the reader in.

  2. Make readers care about your experience.

  3. Identify what to leave in and what to leave out.

  4. Use fiction techniques to make your story come alive.

  5. Avoid common pitfalls.

  6. Make sure you’re reaching your core readers.

Custom workbook designed specifically for your work-in-progress. During a screenshare, we will work directly on this workbook, solving your story’s problems and coming up with creative solutions.

Your manuscript highlighted and annotated, showing you places where your writing shines and specific places that need revision. We will review this manuscript during our session, and through a creative process, come up with solutions right on the spot.

A recording of our session which allows you to be fully present and not have to worry about note taking. You’ll love being able to refer time and again to the valuable advice.

The workbook and the annotated manuscript.

A revision plan so you know exactly what needs to be done and how to approach the process. You will come away from this intensive feeling refreshed and equipped.

Why This Plan Works:

In the 25+ years I’ve been in business, I’ve seen many of my clients and colleagues struggling – sometimes for years – to get their memoir written.

That’s why I developed this proven program: to make writing or revising your memoir as stress-free and comprehensive as possible. No more wasting your time on trial-and-error approaches to writing and revising. You will go from guessing to knowing.

I know how passionate you are to achieve your publishing dreams. It is my goal to help you become the best author you can be. I care about your development as an author — not just about making edits to a manuscript.

I strive to replicate the same fulfilling, mentoring partnership that authors used to have with their editors at traditional publishing houses. As a former Random House editor, I saw firsthand the benefits of working closely and creatively with authors.

I don’t just circle what’s wrong with your work — I explain why something’s not working and show you how to revise it in a deep and lasting way.

You will not only complete a memoir that you can be proud of, but that resonates deeply with your readers.


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