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If you’re a writer who has support of your writing goals from friends and family, you’re one of the lucky ones. Be sure to make sure your supporters know how appreciative you are. Sadly, many aspiring authors aren’t so lucky. They don’t have the support of loved ones. There are those who view book writing, or the dream of becoming a published author, as a hobby instead of a true path in life. Not having the support you need from others can totally derail an aspiring author’s chances at success.

Do you ever feel that your loved ones don’t fully support your passion to write — or don’t even understand it?

Here are 3 steps to finding the support you need for your writing:

1. Pinpoint why writing is important to you.

Gaining a clear understanding of why you are so passionate to write — whether it is because of the thrill of putting words on a page or an ultimate dream of being published — is key to knowing what kind of support you need. Once you know exactly what drives you to write, and why you can’t fathom living without it, you can express yourself to others in the most convincing way possible.

2. Address your loved ones’ concerns.

Often, when people aren’t supportive, they think that your writing is going to take up their time with you. If the people you live with are not supportive, sit them down and explain how important writing is to you, and that if they give you the space and encouragement you need, you will be much happier.

Also, listen to their concerns. Work out a plan with them so that they can be assured their needs are being met, and you can be assured that your needs as a writer are being met. It’s crucial to know you’re all on the same page. However, if you need help with certain chores that would encroach on your writing time, make your needs known. If you make the effort to sit down with your family, you’ll be surprised at how quickly you’ll all reach a balance.

3. Reach out to a new support system.

It’s critical to seek out others who will support you in your writing, who will cheer you on, who will read your early drafts and give you helpful feedback.

If there are no writing groups in your community, the Internet has made these support systems easier to find than ever before. Three wonderful online writing communities I’ve come to love are She Writes, WAENet and WOW! Also, the rich abundance of writing, editing, and publishing professionals I’ve found on Twitter has convinced me that no matter what your goals are, you’re sure to find someone out there who shares your perspective.

Or, you can find support through hiring an editor. Your book editor is more than someone who critiques your work — she can help guide you toward the right paths to success, and can nurture you in many creative ways. With a great editor by your side, you can become a writer for life.

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