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Are you a first-time writer? Here are a few tips that may help you along the road to publishing success.

My #1 piece of advice to first-time authors: Never tell yourself you won’t get published. Don’t even consider the possibility of failure.

Fiction Insider Tips:

  • Biggest first draft mistake: Forgetting to establish TIME & PLACE. Don’t make readers ask, “What’s going on?”
  • You cannot punish your hero enough. Make life difficult for him. Show us what he’s made of.
  • Don’t get too attached to a draft even if a scene doesn’t work. Ask: Is it hindering your story? Can it go in another project?

5 Secrets to Writing a Bestselling Novel

Non-fiction Insider Tips:

  • Here’s one way to approach writing a book about your business: Ask: “what is my ideal client missing in his life? How am I his panacea?”
  • Book proposal tip: Don’t include info about your personal life that doesn’t directly pertain to your book’s message.
  • A great way to build an audience for an eventual business book is to contribute articles to a journal or blog.

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